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Rental-Housing Professionals

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Mission and Vision

To develop professional, well trained staff, working safely and efficiently, to deliver quality customer service, leading to a positive impact on the reputation of rental housing providers across Canada.

About Taeus Group Inc.

Taeus Group Inc, provides residential property management training and consulting. Whether 20 units or 20,000 units, you need to ensure your staff is ready to meet the daily challenges of property management.

Taeus delivers a wide range of services to property owners and managers across Canada. Our trainers bring more than 30 years’ of experience in all aspects of the industry.


  • Training Workshops
  • Standard Operating Practices (SOPs)
  • Certified Rental Building (CRB) Audit Assistance
    (Ontario & British Columbia)
  • Mystery Shops
  • Market Surveys


We custom design programs tailored for you. Working together, we can increase your portfolio value through improved —

Productivity tenant-retention employee-morale-retention

Taeus is a valued partner of the certified rental building program – the only resident quality-assurance program of its type in North America. The ability to understand and interpret legislation and to make it understood and applicable for all property management staff is what sets the Taeus team apart.

Services & Training Workshops

Custom designed programs with multi-residential rental housing specific training that leads to:
Better communication, Resident retention, Increased productivity, Higher employee morale and retention.

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Mandatory Training:

AODA: Customer Service Standard

Ontario’s Disabilities Act and you
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Residential managers in Ontario must comply with the province’s disability law. If you don’t, you could face a compliance audit, costly fines and an embarrassing exposure of your business! In addition, an aging population means that front-line staff must develop confidence and ease when dealing with people with various disabilities.

Take this course: fill mandatory requirements and give your staff understanding and patience when interacting with persons with disabilities.

This course is mandatory for all businesses in Ontario with more than one employee, to be compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).

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WHMIS, Worker Awareness & OH&S

Be in compliance and stay in compliance
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When it comes to the health and safety of your staff and your residents, don’t be caught with out-of-date documentation or inadequate staff training. As a business, you could face significant fines. You put staff and residents at risk for illness, injury, even death.

Take this course: fill mandatory requirements and don’t just “jump through the hoop”. Give staff relevant, effective training, which they can apply every day.

WHMIS training is legally required for all employees who are exposed or likely to be exposed to a hazardous material or controlled product at the workplace, in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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Foundation Workshop:

Effective Communication for Relationship Building

Hear it. See it. Speak it.
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A conversation gone wrong or a poorly written email can cause a domino effect. Suddenly, a good resident wants to move or file a legal complaint. Improve customer retention and avoid escalated complaints by investing in clear communication training for all your front-line staff.

Take this course: less risk of losing a good resident or failing to attract new residents because of mishandled communication.

Suggested as a foundation course for all individual workshops.

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Customized Training Workshop:

Developed to suit your individual needs


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Focused Training Workshops:

Customer Service Excellence

Relationship. Retention. Referrals.
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Memorable client care ensures good residents don’t leave and good referrals come your way. Train your front-line staff to address customer concerns with a professional, “can-do” attitude that builds loyalty and good relationships.

Take this course: increase referrals and renewals from satisfied residents, leading to reduced turnover costs.

Suggested foundation course: Effective Communication for Relationship Building.

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Resolving Conflict

Dealing with difficult people
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One difficult person can erode staff confidence, disrupt other residents, and even lead to conflict and vacancies. Minimize conflicts and protect your good residents by training your front-line workers to spot potential conflict situations and know how to handle them effectively.

Take this course: save valuable time by intervening in a situation before it escalates or ends up in front of the tenancy board!

Suggested foundation course: Effective Communication for Relationship Building.

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Sales & Leasing

Book, show and sell!
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How do you ensure that every step—from booking the appointment to signing the lease— moves a potential resident through the sales cycle without getting distracted, feeling misunderstood, unappreciated or losing interest?

Take this course: convert more calls to showings and more showings to applications.

Suggested foundation course: Effective Communication for Relationship Building.

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RTA from a Landlord’s Perspective

Know where the potential trouble lies!
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Have you ever had a resident you wanted to evict? Or struggled with a difficult resident? Landlords and front-line staff need to protect themselves against unnecessary and costly legal issues. Learn your rights, as specified in Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). Know what you can and cannot do when managing resident issues.

Take this course: front-line staff will cut through “legalese” and find out what they need to know about how the RTA works.

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Privacy & Human Rights

But that’s not what I meant!
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One wrong word and you might find your property on the front page of a major newspaper. Without a proper overview of how human rights and privacy laws affect rental property situations, front-line staff may not even know that what they did or said was considered in violation.

Take this course: learn best practices to avoid costly, time consuming claims and a potential PR nightmare.

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Life Safety

Know what you don’t know
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Fire in your building? Someone stuck in an elevator? Slip & Fall? Learn the proper role of front-line staff, before, during and after an emergency situation. Leave with the questions you must ask and tasks you need to complete in order to prevent infractions, protect your business and reduce the chances of injury or death in your building.

Take this course: Should an accident or disaster occur, is your staff prepared? You are less likely to end up with a media catastrophe, property damage / loss or worse, an injured employee or resident.

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Who should take these courses?

New and existing building staff who want to increase their skills and confidence when dealing with residents and prospective customers.

"Very good course, loaded with valuable information" A. Vienneau, Minto Properties
"Very informative, even after eleven years in this industry.
I would take the training again. I understand a lot more after this session." N. Charbonneau, Timbercreek
"The program was introduced professionally and passionately
and will improve my work as a leasing employee tremendously." A. Myrtaj, Oxford Properties
"It refreshed what I knew, built on what I had forgotten,
and stimulated new ideas." E. Shelley, Gold Seal
"I appreciated how the trainer kept the education at
a level everyone could understand." D. Davey, Luxor Mangement
"The presenter was organized and involved participants well." A. Fraser, Williams & McDaniel
"This training is very helpful.
It gives you the ability to explain to residents and potential residents
what sets us apart from other landlords." A. Ball, Osgoode Properties
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